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Oct. 29th, 2013 @ 11:29 pm [sticky post] Info
I am a fanfiction writer whose current main fandom is "How to Train Your Dragon."
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The Good News:

God the Father is the all-powerful, all-knowing maker of the universe, whose very essence is love. He created each and every person with a plan and purpose in mind, and his desire is for each and every person to choose of their own will to return his love, to follow and serve him.

Unfortunately, human beings chose sin over God, condemning the entire human race to death and torment, to be separated from God forever.

The good news is that God loves us so much that he came to earth in human form, as Jesus Christ, in order to live a sinless life and become a worthy sacrifice to take our punishment upon himself. Because of this precious gift, all who choose to accept it are reconciled to God, cleansed of their sin, and live in holy, joyful fellowship with him forever.

You must, however, choose to accept this gift, because it will not be forced upon you. It involves admitting and repenting of your sin, and trusting your life and heart to God.
This is the first step in a lifelong relationship with the Lord, a relationship in which you can grow only by being diligent every day to humble yourself, pray, and seek guidance through his infallible Word, the Bible. God will lead you - he expects to receive from each person only what he knows they can give.

Though Christians should have fellowship with other Christians, never forget that no human being and no church is perfect. If you base your faith on people rather than on Scripture, you will inevitably be disappointed and discouraged. Jesus Christ is the only person without sin, therefore he is the ultimate example of a Christian. People will always fail you at one time or another, but God will never fail you, and he will never abandon you or stop loving you.

"Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour." (1 Peter 5:8) All the bad things that have happened to you in the past, and all the bad things that might be happening to you right now, are hindrances meant to keep you from God. If you don't overcome them, they will destroy you. Don't let unforgiveness, unrepentance, stubbornness, pride, or fear deprive you of what God meant for you to have. No matter what your circumstances, praise the Lord! Praise is a powerful weapon against the darkness that seeks to destroy you.

You have the rest of your life to repent and give your heart to God - but none of us knows if we will even still be alive in the next hour. Your choice must be made while you live on earth; after that, it is too late. Do not delay!

HTTYD2 Hiccup & Toothless
Nov. 10th, 2016 @ 07:51 am For Kasan :)
:star: My main Web site is on WordPress.

:bulletpink: Index for my Kingdom Hearts canon-based fanfiction
:bulletpink: Index for my Kingdom Hearts AU fanfiction
:bulletpink: Index for the rest of my fanfiction


On Monday, I had to work for thirteen hours straight, which exhausted me all the way through Wednesday ._. This morning was the first time this whole week that I haven't felt tired to death (and sick for one reason or another, and hating food because my appetite was so non-existent), though I really, really, really did not want to go to work today. But I'm home now, and I have tomorrow off (thank God), so I'll see what things I can get done. Hopefully resume work on Urgent Thing, some writing, and...and maybe I should keep my goals limited, so I don't get mad at myself when I fail at them. ^^;

I read the Orange manga. I liked it, it was really sweet. I think that's also probably the ONLY LOVE TRIANGLE EVER that I actually...not "liked," exactly, but...it wasn't the usual sort of love triangle that I hate; the two boys actually loved each other (platonically), despite the fact that they were both in love with the same girl. Their conflict over her strained their relationship a little, but never twisted it like you see in so many other romances; for both of them, friendship and romance were equally important. Seeing Suwa hug Kakeru at the finish line of their relay race was so beautiful.

I forgot if I said it here already, but I've for sure decided to quit substitute teaching after this school year ends in June. I decided this in March, after a horrendous assignment made me realize that modern children in my country are complete monsters and I can't handle them anymore. (I couldn't even just give up, sit at the desk, and read a book; they were THAT BAD. ALL DAY LONG. It was literally my worst subbing assignment ever.) And then stuff like Monday keeps confirming my decision.... I should have quit subbing the year I got hired at the library. I thought I'd be able to get my act together and sub regularly and have two sources of income, but after more than three years, it's never worked out that way, and the stress of subbing is not worth the bit of money I occasionally get from it. Good riddance, kids. I don't know what you think the point of school is; you're obviously not there to get an education. And even if you refuse to do any work, why the frick can't you just sit in a chair and murmur to your friends? WHY is it vitally essential for you to act like the classroom is LITERALLY an elementary school playground, complete with running, jumping, wrestling, throwing, climbing, and screaming???? What is wrong with kids these days? What is wrong with parents these days, who would teach their kids that it's ever, under any circumstances, acceptable to behave like that in a classroom?

23 April 2017

I have no idea why, but this past week I've been working hard on one of my two most urgent real life projects, that I procrastinated on for three and a half years. While I'm amazed and proud of myself for finally buckling down on this, I thought it would be a good idea to help myself along using the "get work done during anime commercial breaks" method, like I did with Haikyuu!!....

Mistake. While I have been getting a lot done, the cost is too high; getting sucked into a long series is literally bad for my health. I've got one episode left to go in this series, and then I'm going to give up on the "anime commercials" method of getting work done. I'm technically not old yet, but I'm not a kid anymore, and it takes me at least three days to physically recover from a late night (going to bed past midnight). I have got to take much, much better care of my eyes.

I've been wanting to WRITE a lot this week, too, so maybe after this episode, I'll switch over to drafting fanfiction as my "work bribe." Hopefully it should be easy, since these past few days I've also been working on a lot of outlining and planning. Drafting, especially purposeful drafting (as opposed to stress-relief drafting) is easier when I've laid the groundwork and am not relying entirely on inspiration.

Since I've been on a roll with getting stuff organized, I might take a stab at organizing my physical writing next. Currently, all my notebooks and papers are jumbled together in a box, but maybe I can work on labeling the notebooks and folders with their contents. This might help a lot with fics like Carried Off, if I can easily FIND all the notes and drafts for them rather than getting discouraged because they're scattered.

I also finally organized all my e-mail back to the way it was before the wireless mess. It meant I didn't get to talk to a friend as much as I'd hoped to, and I still need to do the same with my DA messages, but my e-mail account feels more restful to me now.

Let's see, what fiction have I been consuming lately.... I tried the first volume and a few episodes of One Piece. Not really my cup of tea, though I knew that going in. I did really like Luffy's voice in the anime.
I still haven't finished watching Queen of Katwe, but I like it so far. OH, and I finally saw Sing and really enjoyed it!! It's another one of those movies that follows a classic formula and is not very original, but it's so well done that you don't really care. XD I'm also halfway through Star Wars: Rogue One (let's see if I can finish it before the due date this time X'D). I didn't like it at first, but it got better once the main story started. I love that robot.

I want to read more of the My Hero Academia manga (I don't think the anime has reached where I left off yet, even with the new season), but my library still hasn't bought anything past volume 5.... I put in a purchase request for volume 6; we'll see what happens.


List of Kingdom Hearts Pairing Days

Stuff I Owe People

:bulletpink: :devHawkRider:'s DA 7,878 AkuSai kiriban - I'm giving up on the AkuSai fanfic; I'm going to try drawing his OC instead

:bulletpink: :devkeybladedetweiler:'s DA 10,000 kiriban - Coloring

:bulletpink: :devjointoperation:'s :devkhplatoniclove: raffle prize - Couldn't get any of the plunnies to work as a fanfic, so I'll probably have to just draw it.


:star: :devMedli45: - Dragon Treasure scene
:star: Medli45 - Coloring the old snowball fight commission


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Roxas holds Xion
Jul. 7th, 2015 @ 10:50 am HTTYD in Japanese
7 July 2015 Tuesday

Awwww, I'm so glad I bought these (and all the stuff required to view them X'D). HTTYD2 especially felt almost like watching a new movie, rather than one I've already seen a zillion times. XD


I really like Hiccup's Japanese voice, it's perfect. (He's voiced by the same guy who did Pence in Kingdom Hearts! XD) He doesn't sound like Jay, but his voice has a gentle quality that really suits Hiccup's character.

HOORAY for no stereotypical high squeaky Japanese female voices! Astrid & Ruffnut had comparatively low voices that suited them as tough young Viking women.
Astrid's voice did seem to get a little higher in HTTYD2, but not unreasonably so; and it seems to fit her softer image in the sequel.
Valka sounds both younger and more consistently fangirly in Japanese than she does in English, especially in the first half of her scenes. XD

All the "imitating other characters' voices" scenes were hilarious. XD

...I still can't tell the difference between the Kansai dialect and mainstream Japanese, but there usually seems to be a token Kansai-speaking character in most anime and stuff, and I have a feeling that Gobber is HTTYD's. XD

Lout & Legs still call Ruffnut "baby" and "darling" even in Japanese. XD (As in, using the English words. Modern Japanese is sprinkled with a lot of English loan words.)
Unfortunately, I didn't pick up on Astrid having any pet names for Hicc. :/

I liked the mother/son reunion scene better in Japanese; I don't know why Jay made so many inarticulate sounds in the English version. *sweatdrop*

"For the Dancing and the Dreaming," on the other hand...yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Because of the different ways the English and Japanese languages are structured, their respective music usually doesn't convert well, and this is no exception. DX Translating either way, it usually sounds really awkward trying to fit the new lyrics into the original tune.

Names that changed:

Hiccup ~ Hikku
Toothless ~ Tooth
"Bud/Buddy" ~ Aibou ("buddy")
Astrid ~ Asti
"Milady" ~ Hime-sama ("princess" X3)
Deadly Nadder ~ Deadly Danger[??]
Snotlout ~ Snot
Monstrous Nightmare ~ Monster Nightmare
Fishlegs ~ Fish
Ruffnut & Tuffnut ~ Ruff & Tuff
Zippleback ~ Double Zip
Gobber ~ [I have no idea. X'D]
Bewilderbeast ~ Wilderbeast
Spitelout ~ Spite
"Dargo Bloody Fist" ~ "Dango Bloody Fist" ("dango" means "dumpling" XD)
Whispering Death ~ Whisper Death

Names that stayed the same:

Night Fury
Barf & Belch
Drago Bludvist
All the other dragon breed names that I can remember

Pronouns, titles, etc.:
*Almost no honorifics were used, which made sense because the movies feature a very un-Japanese culture. :p

Hiccup for himself: "boku" (Boyish, polite/modest "I/me," as opposed to the manly "ore" all the other guys used. I was interested to see that he still kept it in HTTYD2.)

Hiccup for everyone except Toothless: "kimi" (polite "you," perhaps slightly deferential)

Hiccup for Toothless: "omae" (general "you" [or even rude, depending on the circumstances]; in this case, I think it denotes how comfortable Hiccup is with Toothless, and/or it could just be that Toothless is an animal and Hiccup doesn't feel like he has to be deferential to him)

Hiccup called Toothless "Tooth-chan" a couple of times in HTTYD1; it was soooooooooo cute. X3 <3
(The "-chan" honorific has cutesy, affectionate connotations. Though in this case, Hiccup was mostly trying to coax Toothless to behave by nicknaming him like that. XD
The scenes were, "Heeeeey, Toothless~ I brought breakfast, I hope you're hungry!" and "Toothless, down. Gently.")

Hiccup for his parents: "Tousan" & "Kaasan" ("Dad" & "Mom")

Astrid & Valka to Hiccup about Stoick: "otousan" (untranslatable formality level between "dad" and "father")
Also, Astrid to Hiccup about Valka, "okaasan," same thing.

Stoick to Hiccup about Valka: "kaasan"

Valka, western-fashion, simply calls her husband by his given name, rather than calling him "anata" ("dear/darling" in that specific context) or using an honorific like typical Japanese wives would.

Valka to Hiccup: "anata" ("you," polite and in this case affectionate)

Astrid & Valka for themselves: "watashi" ("I/me," gender-neutral, though men tend to prefer different terms to use for themselves)

Drago to Stoick & Hiccup: "kisama" (super-rude form of "you," pretty much the equivalent of "you bastard"), though Drago later used the less rude "omae" for Hiccup

Eret calls Drago "aniki," literally "older brother," though it's also slang for a gang member addressing someone of higher rank. XD

Pretty much everyone else to everyone else: "omae" (general "you;" in this Viking context, it seems like a suitable default)

When Drago's yelling at Squirt to kill Valka, he calls her "onna" ("female;" when used for a human, I think it's similar to calling her a bitch. As opposed to "onna no hito," "woman").

Ruffnut for Belch: "anta" (form of "you" that I think is a friendly insult when used for someone you're close to; outright insult when used for anyone else)

I think the word they used for "chief" was "ou," "king" (though maybe because it was "ou" instead of the more respectful "ousama," the connotations are more like "chief" than "king"??).


One thing I love about Japanese is how much you can pick up about people's self-perception, social rank, relationships, etc. just from the terms of address they use. X3

Though it also means that a lot of Japanese undertones/implications get lost in translation, and Japanese translators sometimes have to risk making assumptions when they're translating foreign works into Japanese. ^^;
HTTYD2 Hiccup &amp; Toothless
Jun. 28th, 2015 @ 10:09 pm My thoughts on "Race to the Edge" (HTTYD season 3) [SPOILERS]
28 June 2015 Sunday

First off, I want to complain that the HTTYD Wikia has gotten so clogged with advertising that it DOESN'T EVEN FUNCTION ANYMORE. o.O I try to open a single page on that site, and my browser instantly freezes and takes, like, a full minute to respond to any input at all, from clicking to scrolling to even closing the darn window. *sigh* It's a shame, since that site is really useful. :/

Anyway. I just finished watching HTTYD season 3 (or at least, the episodes that have been released so far, since I'm under the impression they'll give us the second half in December???). My thoughts!

SPOILERSCollapse )
HTTYD2 Hiccup &amp; Toothless
Dec. 31st, 2014 @ 10:20 pm New Year's Eve journal entry
31 December 2014 Wednesday

My New Year's Resolution for 2014 was:
Write at least 1,000 words per day of an original story. My goal is to have at least one completed rough draft by the end of the year, so that I can start getting it in shape to sell.

I "took a break" during the summer so that I could work on OTP Pairing Days, but then never resumed work on it. -.-;

New Year's Resolutions for 2015

*Make my room Perfect.

*Work on my writing career.


Fanfiction I posted during 2014 (though I might have missed some):

-As Human As I Am (Sora/Xion gift for SorasPrincesss)

-Something for Stepsiblings (I think it was that set of Axel-centric drabbles for a theme challenge, as well as Soul Eater for a different theme challenge)

-Lunch Date with a Hitokiri (super-old Kenshin/Tomoe fic that I finally got around to posting)

-This Kind of Love (the Axel/Namine story)

-A Fulfilled Life (my "Sanosuke is asexual" fic, posted in time for Ace Awareness Day)

-Some Van/Sora stories in the Welcome To Our World universe (I'm pretty sure they were all challenge entries)

-Eighty-seven (I don't know which chapters I posted exactly, but the omake / outtake / alternate ending for sure)

-Luna Diviner, Across Boundaries: Speechless (lame short AkuSai one-shot for a challenge)

-Duet (Quatre/Demyx crossover fanfic for a DevArt group event)

-After the Battle: Everything Fades (post-canon fic where Xemnas returns as a small child)

-ALL my How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction, lol. XD <3

-An untitled fic for 8-13-14, the ultimate AkuRokuShi Day

-An Extraordinary Household (Kingdom Hearts Faerie AU for a challenge)

-My Heart Can't Break As Long As I'm With You (Lea/Isa fic for Valentine's Day)

-Fire & Moonlight: Out of my Mind (AkuSai kiriban for Caxceber)

-The Next Life: Versus Undistorted - Deep Anxiety (Riku/Dawn Christmas gift exchange with sonicdisney)

-Treasure of my Heart: Holiday (rather dark holiday-themed Riku-centric fic)

-Unlost: Baby (lame Enishi/Kenji random modern AU for a challenge)


-Sherlock/John/Mary for Valentine's Day
-Sora/Xion in the "Next Life" universe
-Tink & Periwinkle random AU
-Ariel (from Disney's The Little Mermaid)
-Ugly Vanitas/Xion in the "Stepsiblings" universe
-Human Toothless asleep on Hiccup's shoulder
-Valka, Hiccup, and their dragons asleep in the Sanctuary
-Shintarou/Konoha as a contest prize for Medli45
-Hiccup trying to get Squirt in the holiday spirit in the "His Soul Reflects My Own" universe


After about five years, Kingdom Hearts finally dropped down to my Number 2 fandom, replaced by How to Train Your Dragon. ^^;

(The first HTTYD movie has been my favorite movie of all time ever since I first saw it, but How to Train Your Dragon 2, which came out in June 2014, was what finally started giving me fanwork ideas and getting me into the fandom.)
I'm not sure what effect Kingdom Hearts III will have on this, particularly since KH3 is continuing to take soooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking long to make.... I wouldn't be surprised if HTTYD3, which will take three years to make, comes out before KH3 does....

I'm trying to think of my most recent sub-phase, but between them, HTTYD and KH don't leave much room for anything else. ^^;

Along with Kingdom Hearts itself, Axel/Saix(/Roxas/Xion) has also dropped to second place, and platonic Hiccup/Toothless has been promoted from one of my top ten favorite pairings of all time to my ultimate OTP. ^^

Even after three years, I still haven't finished Fire & Moonlight - BUT I DID FINALLY FINISH A CHALLENGE. 8D 8D 8D An Extraordinary Household for TheSixthApprentice's Mix and Match Challenge. :w00t: (It wasn't a theme challenge, but still.)

I joined Tumblr this year. I don't quite regret it, since it fulfills the purpose I had in getting a Tumblr account in the first place, but I do hate Tumblr. It's horribly designed and has absolutely no advantages over any of the other sites I use.
My favorite sites are AO3 for posting fanfiction, DevArt for talking to people (though some things about DA really bug me), WordPress as my home base, and LiveJournal just because.

I don't think I posted anything this year other than fanfiction and fanart. (No memes, etc.)

I think my DevArt groups are the same as last year again, though I'm planning to leave the AkuSai one as soon as I can be bothered to click the right buttons. The group's kind of dead, and I want pairing groups to only focus on the pairing, not each character as individuals. *sweatdrop* I don't like getting almost nothing in my inbox from that group except for, every once in a while, a bunch of random pictures of Axel and some yaoi fanfiction.

Again, lots of gifts/commissions/etc.; check my Favorites~! :D :happybounce:




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I feel like my best stories were:

He's Not Dangerous
His Soul Reflects My Own (it's terribly messy, but I still like it a lot and really enjoy writing it)
Proper Appreciation
Brothers: Scaring Away Monsters
When Loved Ones Are Near
Small New Ally
A Small Addition To Berk's Flock, part 1
Three Halves
Rulers of Berk
Stepsiblings: Battle Stance - Soul Eater
After the Battle: Everything Fades
Fire & Moonlight: Out of my Mind
The Next Life: Versus Undistorted - Deep Anxiety
Treasure of my Heart: Holiday, chapter 5 (just the Zack chapter XD XD XD)

I think my best drawing was Shintarou, just on his own (I don't like how I drew Konoha X'D).
HTTYD2 Hiccup &amp; Toothless
Mar. 30th, 2014 @ 10:17 pm Need some input....

What is the easiest site for you to check news about my work/status/etc.?

LiveJournal blog
deviantART journal or profile (www.raberbagirl.deviantart.com)
WordPress site (www.raberbagirl.wordpress.com)
All three of those sites cause me problems; I wish you'd update on [site name] instead. :/
Doesn't matter; all those sites work fine when I check them. :)
One of those sites is troublesome to check, but the other two are fine. [Please tell me which!]
They all work fine on my computer, but some or all of them cause problems when I try to look at them on my phone or other device.
I follow your LiveJournal, but not your fanwork. XD
Roxas holds Xion
Oct. 1st, 2004 @ 12:04 am [RK] Rurouni Kenshin Instant Messenger
Rurouni Kenshin Instant Messenger
A Rurouni Kenshin fanfic by Raberba girl

Summary:  Jin-e crashes an instant message conversation between the Kenshingumi.


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HTTYD2 Hiccup &amp; Toothless